Where restaurants and bars find the perfect domain name for their website


Why .BAR and .REST for you

Domain Names for websites made specifically for restaurant and bar To have a website, you must have a domain name: Just as a house is built on a piece of land, a website is built on a domain name.


The domain names that end with .REST or .BAR identify restaurants and bars on the internet worldwide.

Just as .com is the domain name for a “commercial” website or a generic business online, .REST is the domain name for a restaurant website and .BAR is the one for a bar website.

A .REST and .BAR domain name helps your customers identify you as a restaurant or bar and find you faster online.

How?… Well… Because a domain name that ends with .BAR or .REST:

  1. Tells the world clearly that you are a restaurant or a bar.

  2. Is short, memorable and universal (helps everyone find you online)

  3. Is easy to type (especially on mobile devices)

  4. Looks great with your brand (check these examples)

  5. Is easier to spell out loud than any other domain name

  6. Enhances your SEO and increases your chances of being found on the Internet

  7. Allows people from other countries who speak different languages to find you online in a snap!

  8. Fits perfectly on your printed menu, your napkins, matchboxes, your billboard and all of your marketing materials

And last but not least, because when you use a .rest or .bar domain name, you are helping organize the information on the internet. You become part of a better-segmented and more reliable online experience.