Nowadays, getting great PR isn’t just a goal that only one department can achieve. Your staff might not recognize it, but they’re dynamically promoting the goals, mission and values of your restaurant every time they publish a post on social media. Social media is a crucial driver of public sentiments, so instill a good brand ambassador attitude through your entire staff.

Motivate Your Staff to Go Above and Beyond

Employ recognition programs for your staff who works further than their expected tasks. This yields responsibility, ownership, an attitude of pride, and it will generate more productive employees. Furthermore, businesses with recognition programs have lower voluntary turnover than those who don’t.

Enable Social Media Advocacy

Based on a study done by the MSLGROUP, brand social media posts reposted by staff reach 561 percent more audience than posts by company pages. Develop a social media policy that guarantees your staff understands the goals of your company and how to properly interact with both happy and unhappy diners. Give them some dos and don’ts to ensure that the strategies are clear.

Your diners are always online and a brand-related error on a post can cause damage to your company. We’ve employed this resourceful and smart move here at The.BAR – and we’ve proven ourselves that forming brand salespeople will be worth the effort in the long run.