The world is changing, and fast!. It’s no secret that there apps and starutps out that which their whole purpose is to make our life easier, more efficient and Online!.

The team at The.BAR did some research and found the top 5 apps that will addd value to your business and your customers.

To asses what is “helpful” and “best” we developed the follwing criteria:

  • It has to add value to your overall operation
  • It can help you reduce time in operation or specific tasks
  • It can help enhance the overall experience of your customers,
  • It can help you save money or generate more income

So let’s start with the top 5:

  1. Servy ( Because there is no better way to improve than with honest feedback from your customer. “Servy is a mobile App that rewards qualified diners for giving restaurants private feedback”. Why do we think it’s important? Because as a restaurant owner, you cant have the luxury of not knowing what is going on inside. A disatisfied customer is bad business x 6 according to research! So it’s always good to stay ahead and make feedback a part of your ongoing operation.
  1. Resy ( . It’s a reservation system for restaurants and users. The offer for users is quite unique, it’s a very focused reservation system: you get the best booking experience and reservation selection anywhere. Shorter story, if you want that booth on Friday night at 8 PM, then that’s what you get. “

Resy is quite unique. This app allows you to reserve the best tables and times at some of the more popular eateries in major cities by essentially buying the table.

  1. Partender ( This is a very interesting app that will help you to reduce costs and have better inventory managemen. Their value proposition is quite clear: Save money when it comes to your bar. The app seems quite simple to use, you just scan the bottle at every end of shift and put basic info like cost of bottle, and that’s it!
  1. 7Shifts ( This is a scheduling software aimed to free up the time for restaurant owners and managers. It builds schedules for all of your staff and helps assign responsibilities. Some of its benefits are: “it allows you to see how much you’re spending on your staff on a daily and weekly basis in real time.” And it can also be integrated with your current POS.
  1. SALIDO ( markets itself as the operating system for restaurants (OS). They see their product as “SALIDO’s rOS enables businesses to manage the entire restaurant experience from the floor to the kitchen to the menu, and ultimately: customer relationships.

“. From our analysis, they are one of the most complete apps out there, and specially useful to bars and restaurant who are looking for ways to gain better visibility in their overall operation. It is also helpful for Restaurants that are not specifically married to any software and wouldn’t mind changing or upgrading. They are currently growing and in 2015 they received a 2million funding round from Seed Investors.