We have to accept it. We wouldn’t mind living in a beautiful beach in a Caribbean island, sipping mojitos and margaritas all day long.

Our team researched some of the best spots to have a delicious bite and flirty drinks and we’ve found paradise. I Love Bonito is a beautiful restaurant located in Saint Barthelemy, one of the many islands of Anguilla, off the coast of Puerto Rico.

So what makes this place so special? I mean, other than being in the definition of “Paradisiac destination”.
For starters the place is amazing. And I mean design wise. It’s on the top of a small mountain overseeing the caribbean and also the (marine). They have beautiful full frame open windows which gives it the paradisiac ambiance. It’s architecture reminds you of St. Tropez or maybe Cannes, making you feel that you are in the middle of a James Bond-restaurant scene

Second, they have really invested in production value. First, they have a great page! www.ilovebonito.rest (and a great domain name), Also, they created an amazing video showing you the highlights of the I Love Bonito experience! (believe us, there are really bad examples). Just please look at the evidence (hold on to your credit cards before hopping on priceline!)


Third and most important of all, their menu! Here’s a quote from the I Love Bonito Team:

“Bonito is the quintessential fusion of South America cuisine with French gastronomy that is a “marriage on the plate” of ingredients, flavors and very specific traditions”

Yes, we definitely want that!. Their ceviche looks amazing and it’s as fresh as it can get.


So come on and visit the experience!

: www.ilovebonito.rest