If there are two things that could make a man, or a woman’s life complete after a stressful school or work week, it would be booze and games. This is exactly what Nexus Smart Bar was thinking when they came up with this interesting bar concept.

A Virtual Getaway from Reality

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to do a spontaneous get together. We didn’t really have a place in mind, so we decided to just roam about the streets of Montreal until we happened to stop by a place that we liked. We did go bar hopping for a few hours before we found Nexus Smart Bar, and I tell you, it was worth the never ending search for the perfect hang out spot.

We initially thought that Nexus was going to be just like those usual bars and clubs that we already visited. You see, we were in a mission to find a bar that stood out from the rest of them – suffice to say, we finally did!

An Unusual, but Satisfying Concept

Stepping inside, amazing geeky artwork on the walls greeted us. The view of the exquisite gaming stations and the wide expanse of games to choose from was a sight to behold that I couldn’t help, but geek out. It felt like they took out some elements from my own gaming room and made it way better, making it feel like a “home away from home”.

I am a certified gaming nerd myself, but not all of my friends enjoy the vivid realm of virtual reality. The atmosphere was made for geeks, but that did not stop them from having fun! Amazing music played all night long, affordable cocktails overflowed, good food and stories shared, nice and friendly staff accommodated our requests, and we had some fun times on the dance floor.

It was a memorable experience for me because I also got to meet fellow geeks who I usually just speak with online. We were able to form a bond instantly and they gave me some suggestions on how to overcome really difficult challenges throughout the game. I also got a chance to watch them play live, which will help me come up with my own strategies.

Nexus Smart Bar is probably one of the few places where you can drink booze, satisfy your cravings, play your favorite games, get recommendations from fellow gamers and listen to amazing music at the same time.