The moment Cara Delevingne stepped out of the runway and into the spotlight sporting her signature perfect bushy brows, the whole world instantly fell in love. I, myself, am guilty of the obsession and want to steal her look! Do you ever wonder when it all began?

The Beginnings of the Brow Obsession

Further research reveals that social media is the root of all this fascination with brows. It all began in 2014 when this teenager from America named Peaches Monroe posted a Vine update with the now popular phrase “eyebrows on fleek”, which refers to her fab eyebrows.

Her post went so viral that over 60,000 users used the hashtag #browsonfleek on their Instagram posts and over three million use #brows. Right now, YouTube houses over half a million eyebrow tutorials, with varied tips on how to get the perfect brows.

By 2016, Cara Delevingne sported her signature long brows that sit low on her face, extending towards her nose and hairline, and is darker than her hair. She has made a name for herself by embracing her natural brows despite being oversized, which drew the masses.

The Non-DIY Brows for Beginners

You could choose to spend most of your free time perfecting your brows through Google and YouTube tutorials, but living in a fast-paced world can cause it to be quite a challenge. In this day and age, with technology running everywhere, you can have perfect brows without needing to allocate an hour of your precious time just to do it.

I discovered iBrow.BAR while I was looking through tutorials myself, and decided it would be a better option for my lifestyle. Their treatment involves analyzing the shape of your face and identifying what would be best for you. If you choose the premium package instead of the basic one, you can get your brows tinted to make it darker before they thread it.

Trimming comes next before they pluck out excess eyebrow hair. They will then offer recommendations on how to keep your brows on fleek, so it would last longer until your next appointment with them.

It’s been a few days since I’ve had my perfect Cara Delevingne inspired brows and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. It gives you a more natural look that you will be the new brow icon among your social circle.