We were sharing the food and discussing the wine, praising the fact that more restaurants and bars were popping up every day. Back in those days -we’re talking the year 2003 -we started a restaurant guide in Mexico City. We even started building websites for restaurants and bars. But even with websites, we still had a hard time keeping track of new ones and started to realize that something was missing.

Regardless if they had a website or not, restaurants and bars were hard to find on the internet. The problem was not their website (most of them had nice looking websites and useful information). The problem was the domain name itself. Confusing domain names, unrelated to the name of the restaurant or bar, made it virtually impossible to determine which restaurant was which.

Generic domain names (that didn’t mean anything at all) made it even harder for people to distinguish a restaurant or a bar website from any other business on the Internet. So we concluded that the problem we needed to solve was the domain name.

But the domain name space was completely closed. Few players were involved in operating domain names as a business. Only a handful of domain name extensions were active and there was no possible way to obtain the authorization to create new domain names for restaurants, bars or any other industry whatsoever.

In the year 2011, the organization that governs the use of domain names and numbers on the Internet called ICANN (Internet corporation for assigned Names and Numbers) released a project for companies to apply to obtain the authorization to manage new domain names.

We knew this was our opportunity. We decided to jump into it with all our hearts and our minds full of faith.

We needed a big technological infrastructure. We needed a great project. We needed large amounts of cash. All we had was our passion.

Our investigations led us to one of the largest domain name back-end operators in the world, CentralNic. CentralNic was able to operate the infrastructure and we put together a strategic partnership which we maintain up to this day.

Now we needed cash. We devised a highly ambitious plan to create the first and best domain names for restaurants and bars and invited close friends, family members, to raise just enough capital to apply to obtain the domain name extensions .rest and .bar

Our passion drove us to obtain both domain names and we became engaged with the Bar Municipality in Montenegro in order to obtain the authorization to operate our .bar domains

In the year 2014, we finally made available to the public our domain names through every Registrar possible, including the largest players in the industry such as Godaddy, name.com, enom and many many others.

Now the year is 2017. We have been operating uninterruptedly for almost 3 years and we are proud to say that our domain names are becoming the new industry standard for naming restaurants and bars online.

Nowadays, any restaurant or bar in the world can choose to obtain a domain name ending with .rest or .bar to identify themselves better on the Internet. It has not been an easy task, but we know this is what will help restaurants and bars grow and improve their online presence and their business worldwide.