Whether you’re a relatively new blogger or an expert, SEO can be quite intimidating. Most restaurants and bars usually get frustrated because of their lack of knowledge about it, especially since SEO rules frequently change without any warning. Fortunately, you don’t really have to know everything about SEO to make an impact on your website.

Always keep in mind that the main concept of SEO is to focus on what the users are looking for and how you can help them find it on your site. As we always remind ourselves here at The.BAR, work smart with SEO and you’ll eventually see an improvement in your traffic.

  1. Ensure that your Permalinks and Post Titles are rich in keywords.

Even though you may want your title to sound clever, it’s better to make it concise and specific, too. A combination of those three factors can help the majority of Search Engines locate your blog posts. Your title should be a minimum of 60 characters long because their systems usually choose from them, even if they are numbers, symbols and letters.

Once your Post title is already keyword rich, your permalink will automatically be as rich. Otherwise, you can always change the keywords on your permalink for specific ones.

  1. Image names should be descriptive.

Before you upload your photos on your website, do not forget to rename them. Users search for specific photos online and they will surely find yours if you name it correctly, such as MargaritaDrinkWallpaper.jpg instead of IMG_0628.jpg.

  1. Fill in the Meta-Tags.

If you’ve installed the Yoast SEO plugin on your website, there’ll be a box underneath with the Meta-Tags. The title box here is different from your Post Title for this is the title seen on Search Engine Result Pages. You can have same title for both or alter it as long as it’s still SEO rich and are under 60 characters. The description box is where you put a summary of your content, which should be 160 characters long. Meanwhile, the keywords are those related to the post and are always mentioned in it.

With SEO, you won’t really need social media to lure diners as long as you do it right. The above tips we’ve given you here at The.BAR might not include all SEO rules, but remember these crucial ones and you’re good to go.