As soon as VR’s hit the market, I’ve been saving up all my extra cash to get one as a present to myself on my birthday. It’s quite an expensive headset that I’m pretty sure all the tips I get from being a barista won’t be enough. Fortunately, I discovered Holo.Bar when one of my friends liked their Facebook page. They came up with a really interesting concept and it costs less than getting a VR for myself, so I decided to try it out immediately the day after.

The very moment I entered the place, I was immediately drawn in. I may sound like I’m exaggerating, but I know my fellow geeks will understand this legendary occasion. Probably the best part about this is that they have the most advanced VR glasses that you can use and a wide array of games to choose from. Below are some of the games that I got to try:

Channel Your Inner Picasso

Since I’ve only ever tried VR in stores, I wanted to ease my way into the experience. I’ve always loved creating a masterpiece out of mere scribbles and this was the perfect way to transform my creations into a more 3D realistic form. I even got to create a whole new world of my own and got to enjoy my temporary escape from the harshness of reality. I’m also planning to bring my girlfriend next time, so she can see her fashionable designs in 3D.

Experience Apollo 11 Moon Landing

On my next game, I got to be Neil Armstrong through the Apollo 11 Moon Landing experience. Everything felt surreal and all of the details around, including the controls and the sight of the moon’s craters transported me through space and time. It was quite an inspiring event to experience and I felt humbled to get to literally be in Armstrong’s shoes when he took that first momentous step for mankind.

Be an Epic Light Swordsman

I finally felt like I was ready for a more action-packed experience, so I tried out the Lightblade VR game. It was basically a light sword training to prepare my Jedi self for the real world. This game got my adrenaline up that I was finally ready for more virtual battles.

Fight Other Cyborgs to their Deaths

The light sword training got me all hyped up that I was finally ready to defeat cyborgs before until their robotic systems fails them. In a world where technology is already one-step ahead, it won’t be too long before robots take over. It felt like I was transported to the future where I had to fight to survive.

They also offer drinks for you to choose from and other games, including Google Earth VR, roller coaster, audioshield, fruit ninja VR, archery, scuba diving, basketball, minigolf and billiard. Suffice to say, that was one of the best moments of my life, and it for sure won’t be the last time that I’ll visit them.