Always keep in mind that first impressions matter, even if it’s online. You only have a few seconds to latch on to your potential diner’s attention since most of your readers will just scan through your page. If your website doesn’t have a clear message or is cluttered, then they would most likely close your page in a matter of seconds. At The.BAR, we recommend these five ways to enhance your website, improve conversions and make your audience want to visit you again.


  • Always link internally. Keep your clients engaged by linking them internally to related content. In your home page, link them to your service pages and within those, link them to your contact form through effective call to actions. Don’t forget to put the name of the service page, so they’d know where they’re going to be redirected to.
  • Provide a value proposition. A value proposition is your mission statement that explains what you really do for your clients and the reason you do it. Place this on your home page and if possible, make it your headline. Let your potential clients know what they will get when they read your blog, subscribe to your newsletter, purchase your product and hire you.
  • Attempt the 10-foot test. For this exercise, open your home page, get out of your seat and take ten steps back from your laptop. In that line of sight, you should be able to tell the unique offerings of your bar or restaurant in a single glance. Better yet, have someone else try this exercise for a less biased opinion. A clever headline might catch their attention for a few minutes, but will it make them stay? You have to be specific, too.
  • Be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly site is a necessity, especially since Google ranks mobile-friendly pages higher than non-mobile-friendly sites. Most people now use their mobiles to search, so Google wants to ensure that clients have a good user experience every time they land on a site.
  • Don’t forget your Thank You page. This feature is probably one of the most disregarded, yet persuasive ways to keep your potential diners engaged. This provides them the chance to follow you on social media, get a free coupon code or sign up for your newsletter.


Please your online readers by giving them what they want without forcing them to figure out what you’re trying to offer them. Follow the above steps to keep them coming back for more content.