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A famous bar in Madrid, tells us his story and experience of owning a .BAR domain


Why did you decide to use a .BAR instead of a .COM?

Our main objective was to make a brand out of the word UTOPIA, and given the lack of availability from .com or .es, and also we didn’t want to make our website ridiculously long we found available Utopia.BAR and went for it.

What makes Utopia Bar such a special place in Madrid? And what do you and your clients like most about Utopia Bar?

Utopia breaks all pre established typical bars in the city. A unique decoration and magic make Utopia the ideal place to enjoy your favorite drink made with special care just for you. Our clients look for good quality in their drinks and a good ambience. In Utopia you have catered to our clients and have created a speak easy section and also a get-up-and-dance ambiance.

As a .BAR user, how has the new domain name helped UTOPIA?

Without a doubt it was the best way to reach directly to our clients. It’s evident: It’s a BAR and it’s called UTOPIA. So, having the domain name Utopia.BAR offers all public all the necessary information in just two words and also gives them a web address!. This is what we call “to kill two birds with one stone”.

Also, we wanted to establish ourselves in search engines either as “Utopia Bar” or “Bar Utopia” and also localy. And thank to this new extension and a little SEO work (Search Engine Optimization), it has made it easier to reach first ranking in our desired keywords!

How have your clients reacted to your new and exclusive domain Utopia.BAR?

From the beginning we knew we should offer something better and different to our clients and our website was no exception. We wanted to make something different to the rest of old webpages for bars and restaurants. This is why we created a unique website with the ambience of our bar. Also the opportunity to be able to have our website address with only 9 characters was great, this helps our clients to easily remember and find us in a thousand different ways. With any marketing, promotion, either online or printed, we always include or website In a prominent way since we’ve noticed it generates positive impact amongst our clients.

Utopia.Bar’s Story:

“We wanted to create a unique bar experience in Madrid. And the best way to achieve this was to give our establishment it’s own history. This is why we invented a story in video & audio format. On this first part of our story we tell you how we

first arrived at Utopia

New parts of the story coming soon!

How can we reach Utopia Bar?

We are located in one of the most beautiful cities of western Europe, Madrid, in Spain. Our address is:
Utopía, Calle Postigo 1-3, 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

Our phone for reservations: +32 91 265 70 62

Email: info@utopia.bar

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